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Product and client

BoardProspects is an online boardroom community for board members, prospective board members and public, private and non-profit corporations.

BoardProspects is a US startup based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its aim is to provide a platform where members can connect with one another and share the latest information in boardroom news, education, best practices and recruitment opportunities.


We were brought on-board with a very tight deadline to deliver the second version of the web portal. The designs were already made with a UI team and our task was to connect the UI with the existing infrastructure and develop new features where needed while not breaking any of the existing functionality.


We managed to deliver version 2 of the feature-rich community platform after some very intense sprints. The business team from Boston was so pleased with our performance that we set out a plan to gradually transition all the development operation tasks to our team in Bucharest.

Currently we are handling all the tech operations for BoardProspects, working in two week sprints and having almost daily Skype calls with the team from Boston.

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