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Production Reporting App

Product and client

Our client was one of the major oil & gas companies in Romania. The company was going through a reorganization and process standardization phase, upgrading their IT systems and streamlining their processes.

While the final version of the systems was being put in place, Equilobe contributed with key applications that bridged the gap between legacy tools and new solutions for payrolling and other administrative processes.


The web application specifications appeared simple at first sight, embracing input forms at various hierarchy levels and reports showing the accumulated daily/weekly/monthly data.

But when the client also wanted custom date intervals for the reports and required that they were made available in less the 1 second, we had quite a task on our hands to re-model the database schema and processes in order to facilitate this high level of responsiveness.


In the end we implemented a small data warehousing solution that was always able to produce the reports within the time constraints specified by the client.

Originally planned as a six month project, the project was extented to over one and a half year when the client asked us to provide extra improvements, such as charts for the existing reports, performance improvements and extra reports to better analyse the existing data.

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