Our work

Rie Manager

Product and client

The RIE Manager is a highly configurable web-based application that helps small, medium and large organizations asses and mitigate risks in the work environment.

HumanCapitalCare is a Dutch company working in the health and safety industry. It acquired the web application from the Amsterdam based software company Humatix. Equilobe collaborated with Humatix and continues to develop the application for IT&Care, the IT operation of HumanCapitalCare.


We were brought on the team in order to scale up the existing team as the client had many requests for custom features for clients.’

Our biggest challenge on this project was keeping the application intact while developing new features and refactoring the existing code-base which had evolved over almost ten years.


We have been involved in the RIE Manager product for over three years, scaling the team up and down depending on client needs and working on all aspects of the application, from database work to back-end and front-end development.

Currently our team handles all the development of this project under the supervision of IT&Care’s chief software architect, working together in a geographically distributed mode, following agile scrum practices.

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