Embracing change

Whatever software project we will be working on, every new step will bring new insights, requiring constant re-evaluation and change. The only way to accommodate that, is to follow the agile approach. That is: deliver working software in a short improvement cycles (so-called sprints), working closely with stake holders and product owner.

But we are not fanatics about the agile manifesto. We think that agility also includes the ability and willingness to adapt practice and processes to best suit your needs and the situation at hand.

Keeping teams small

We like to keep teams small and focused. Typically with three to four developers responsible for the full project life-cycle, complemented with a user experience designer, one or two people who focus on quality assurance and a scrum master that will facilitate communication and help clear any obstacles to progress.

Valuing transparency

As a client, you will never be in the dark as to what we are at and what you can expect.

In accordance with the agile approach, your people will be in direct contact with our people during daily stand-ups or through task-related discussions using chat tools like Skype, HipChat or Lync. This will help clarify requirements, prioritize sprint items and keep the project on track.

Planning and tracking

  • Short development cycles (sprints)
  • Brief daily stand-up meetings with the team
  • At end of sprint
    • Demo the tested software
    • Review past cycle
    • Plan what will be delivered next

Coding and reviewing

  • Pair programming
  • Using Git and feature branches
  • Code-review when merging feature into master
  • Optimal test coverage

Defining and delivering

  • Behaviour driven development (BDD)
    • User stories written in Gerkin
    • Unit and End-To-End tests automation
  • Continuous Integration with TeamCity, Jenkins or Team Foundation Server.
    • Nightly builds & integration tests
    • Regression testing
    • CSS Regression tests with CasperJS
  • Issues & Bugs tracked with JIRA or YouTrack
  • Continuous delivery and always deployable master

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