We seek to deliver the best customer and user experience

Customer oriented

We look after the customers best interest. We are used to being proactive when implementing and discussing new features so that they best benefit the application and bring user value.

Affordable quality

Working from Bucharest makes it possible to offer the services of our well educated and highly skilled developers at a competitive price level.

Certified and ready

We stay up to date with the latest technologies. We encourage our developers to take at least one certification exam per year. We do really well on the Microsoft stack.

Wide experience

We have built applications for many areas, ranging from health and safety compliance to social networking. Most of them were built using Microsoft tools. We’ve learned from our mistakes and you can benefit from that experience.

Full life-cycle

We can handle all the steps needed to deliver your product, from business analysis and specification gathering to implementation and continuously delivering and updating the application.

Continuous improvement

It is really hard to balance the speed at which you deliver features and the quality of the written code. We strive for the best and we will know to warn you when too many corners are cut.

Direct communication

We are a small company. No hierarchy in between will obstruct the transfer or your enthousiasm to the team that builds your software. When you talk to us, you are talking to the owners and to employees that are all acutely aware that their success depends on how they can contribute to the quality of your software.


If you are based in Western Europe, meeting with you in the same room takes less then a day. If you are in Holland, we can offer project management and requirements analysis from Amsterdam, and, through our partnership with Digital Intelligence, also involve Dutch developers.

What makes us tick

Catalin Criveteanu

Co-Founder, General Manager

Dan Badea

Co-Founder, Technology Manager

How we started

We started building apps in our college years and where suddenly hooked on the thrill that takes you from an idea to a working product. Rather than getting a job at an established company, we wanted to share our enthousiasm directly with customers. Which is why we set up our own shop.

What we do

We have a good understanding of what it takes to build a product that users love and appreciate, and that can grow to meet new requirements and increased use. We keep learning, getting involved in local conferences, trying out new technologies. When we find that the tools we are using could we improved, we will bootstrap our own add-ons and plug-ins.

Why we do it

Because of the thrill. Because the whole process is rewarding. And, yes, because it gives us the opportunity to earn a living doing what we like to do best.

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