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Build or
scale your software development team

Hard to find software engineers? Equilobe has a successful 14 years track record in building and offering top talented agile software development teams at great price-performance ratios.

Build your
award-winning digital app or platform

Fortune 500 companies
like Metro AG are hiring Equilobe product development teams (software engineers,
design thinking, and
UI/UX experts) to build award-winning digital products.
Equilobe teams are proficient with Angular, Vue, or React front-end and .NET or Node Js back-end frameworks. Due to the high level of professional expertise, teams can pick up any technology you are using on your project.

Equilobe’s story

People with great passion can make the impossible happen. That would be the short story of Equilobe. Our software company was founded in 2007 by Catalin and Dan, two top talented students passionate about software technology.


Over the last 14 years, the company has grown to a reliable software development partner for companies in Western countries like the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, or the US.


Award-winning platforms like Force24 or Fortune 500 companies like Metro AG employ Equilobe extended agile or product development teams to build great digital products.



Central and Eastern Europe produce some of the most talented and driven software developers and engineers globally. 

Being located in Romania, Equilobe exclusively works with engineers who have earned their technical degrees with flying colors or have incredible professional achievements. Only a fraction of the candidates makes it to the teams.

By hiring a dedicated or extended Equilobe agile software development team, you will get a group of top talented professionals that delivers incredible work every day.


You probably have some great ideas that could be turned into digital products, making the lives of people alike or other businesses easier. But where do you start?

As the world-famous product expert Marty Cagan(1) put it, building great products is done by first figuring out what to build and then building it the right way. The first stage is about product discovery, while the second is all about execution.

Our product teams consist of engineers and product professionals able to help you turn your ideas into great digital products, all the way from discovery to development.

Early 2021 Nadas Dan, managing Director of METRO’s AG tech company envisioned a Strava-like convenient smart app to empower his organization to make more out of its data, KPIs, and OKRs. In just 2 Sprints an Equilobe product team delivered a fully functional proof of concept app and 6 months later a winning MVP app. Click to read more

GREAT digital products BEING


Force24 is the award-winning marketing automation platform with over 4000 UK marketers enjoying rich features and powerful (yet simple to use) automation technology.

The platform has powerful tools and features that enable marketers to create and manage automated marketing campaigns.

Force24 employs multiple Equilobe extended agile teams to improve its codebase and develop new features for its marketers. 

logo[1].png is the world's largest boardroom community.


It has more than 8,000 Members from 70+ countries worldwide, including chief executives and board members of Fortune 100 companies.

For the development of its platform, Boardprospects confidently relies on a dedicated Equilobe software development team comprised of top talented software engineers.


HTC is the Dutch market leader in occupational health and safety services: absenteeism, prevention, and intervention & reintegration. The company employs the largest network of medical specialists in the Netherlands.

HTC engages extended Equilobe software development teams to continuously develop its portals (we-care, med-care, my-care), thus offering an integrated service to company doctors, employees, and employers.

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