We offer services designed just for you

We develop your product

If you have a business idea that involves software, we can take you through all the steps required to build a product that people will love to use.

We can help you draw the initial product specifications, create wire-frames and mock-ups, set up the project and continuous delivery infrastructure, see out your testing strategy and implement an end-to-end product life-cycle.

We extend your team

If you need extra development power to start or speed up a software project, we can extend your team as needed. Besides development skills, we can provide management to keep the project on track.

We are all versed in the agile way of working. And we know how to be effective working together across different locations and time zones.

We have customers just like you

… and they recommend us.

We know exactly what you want

Startup Spirit

We like to take the challenge to help you make your business succeed.

From our own experience, we can relate to that innate drive to make an idea become commercially successful. And we will work with you in that spirit.

Free Bug Fixes

We guarantee what we deliver!

This is why you will never have to pay for bugs that we might create while working on your products.

Daily Reports

Transparency is important!

So at the end of each day our clients receive a report with the status of the tasks, what’s still on the to-do list and if we are going to meet the agreed deadline.

Deliver Every Day

Either new features or bug-fixes, right to the production environment, with a single click!

All is possible after we setup a continuous delivery environment for you project and make every step in the process automated.

We improve your product all the time

We analyze the projects we take onboard, see what processes and development methodologies can be optimized. And practice continuous improvement from then on, preferably following the agile approach.

We advocate delivering results in short iterations that allow us to get rapid customer or user feedback and show incremental project progress.

Automating everything related to the software development life-cycle, on the long term, will increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs.

Do you have a project idea? Or need more info?

Contact us!

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