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Build YOUR award-winning
digital product

Tired of building features users don't use, or you just aren't making any progress building your product? With a product mindset and a 14 years record, Equilobe enables you to create award-winning products.

Fortune 500 companies like Metro AG hire Equilobe product development teams (software engineers, design thinking, and UI/UX experts) to build winning digital products. 

Schedule a free call and find out how a product team could build your winning product.
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Early 2021 Nadas Dan, managing Director of METRO’s AG tech company, envisioned a Strava-like convenient smart app to empower his organization to make more out of its data, KPIs, and OKRs. In just 2 Sprints, an Equilobe product team delivered a fully functional proof of concept app and a winning MVP app six months later. Click to read more

Benefits of choosing Equilobe
to hire a product team

1. Deliver delight

instead of code

Value relies on how simply the features of your app solve the users’ problems. Having a product mindset(1), your product team will deliver value and delight your users.

3. Great price

performance ratios

By outsourcing to Romania, you enjoy an excellent price-performance ratio. The average senior software engineer salary in the US is 87k, while in Romania, it’s only 46k. (2)(3)

2. Speed to market,

daily delivery

Expect fast delivery. An Equilobe product team, for example, delivered 2021, a fully functional proof of concept app for Fortune 500 Metro AG, in 2 Sprints.

4. You work with a

long-term partner

Among other clients, HTC, the Dutch market leader in occupational health, has been leasing Equilobe extended software development teams for over 11 years now. 

Continuous Product Discovery and Development
makes your Product a Winning one


Problem Discovery

Problem Definition




Concept Validation


Plan, Design, Test, Iterate, Implement, Track


Next steps for hiring your
product team 

1. Share some

details about your product

Schedule a free call or fill in the form to discuss your product, its current development status, your wants, needs, and expectations.

2. Get an offer for

building your product

Based on your product and the other details provided, you’ll receive a personalized offer with multiple product team configuration options.

4. Team integration,

delivery start

3. Your product team

is assembled

Your product development team gets integrated into your ecosystem and begins working. Delivery starts in 2 - 3 weeks.

Your future product team containing software engineers, design thinking, and Ui/Ux experts gets assembled. Case dependent, this usually takes days, not weeks.


your winning
fill the

Or schedule a free
call with an Equilobe
Mihai Cicu (English)
Scrum Master & Technical PM
Daniel Stefan (German)
Developer & Growth Engineer
start building your product
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