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Build or scale up your
development team


Award-winning marketing platform built with Equilobe extended teams.

Hard to find talented developers at reasonable rates? Equilobe has a successful 14 years track record in building and offering top talented agile software development teams at great price-performance ratios.

Award-winning platforms like Force24 or Fortune 500 companies like Metro AG are already using Equilobe dedicated or extended software development teams. 

Schedule a free call and find out if an Equilobe team is a good fit for your project.
Equilobe teams are proficient with Angular, Vue, or React front-end and .NET or Node Js back-end frameworks. In addition, due to the high level of professional expertise, teams can pick up any technology you use on your project.

Benefits of hiring an Equilobe
dedicated or extended team

1. Top developers,

daily delivery

Your future Equilobe team members have earned a technical degree with top marks and accomplished some outstanding professional achievements. Daily delivery is expected.

3. You work with

a long-term partner

Among other clients, HTC, the Dutch market leader in occupational health, has been leasing Equilobe extended software development teams for over 11 years now. 

2. Great price

performance ratios

By outsourcing to Romania, you enjoy an excellent price-performance ratio. The average senior software engineer salary in Germany is 72k, while in Romania, it’s only 46k. (1)(2)

4. Your team is motivated

and productive

Equilobe cultivates a non-corporate working environment, keeping your team members happy and thus productive(3). As a result, retention is around 90%.

14 years experience in building great digital
products for top companies

the world’s largest boardroom community platform


Portals for HTC, the Dutch market leader in occupational health and safety


Force24, the award-winning

UK marketing automation platform

Next steps for building or
scaling your team

1. Share some technical details about your project

Schedule a free call or fill in the form to discuss your project, technological stack, the roles you need, qualities you are looking for, and rates.

2. Get an offer tailored to

your wants and needs

Based on your project, technical requirements, needs, and wants, you’ll receive a personalized offer with multiple options you could choose. 

4. Team integration,

output increase

3. Your dedicated or extended team is assembled

Your developer team gets integrated into your ongoing project and starts increasing your development output. Integration might take 2 - 3 weeks.

Your dedicated or extended software development team gets assembled. Depending on your project, this usually takes days, not weeks. 


start scaling
your team,
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