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Trainings & Workshops

As continuous learners we like to challenge and improve both our soft and technical skills. We periodically organize trainings & workshops in our office and we also encourage people to participate at external courses if the topic is interesting to them.

Parties at the office

We constantly search for a reason to throw a party in our house: Welcome parties, Bye-Bye parties, Christmas parties, Gin parties, New babies parties and so on... We just like to celebrate things together.


It’s a must! We enjoy discovering new places and spending free time together: either hiking, or just having a drink by a campfire, we like to build inside jokes material, just as much as we like building products together.


We have a dedicated area for ping-pong and when we want to take an active break, we just go and play with a colleague. Some of us take it to the next level and organize championships just to improve our skills.

Video Games

As much as we enjoy working on our projects, we also like to relax and have some fun. We either gather around the Xbox that we have at our office, or we organize LAN Parties when we are working from home. We're into a lot of games, from sports to strategy, and we are always interested in learning about new ones.

Great office location

We are in one of the nicest and quietest neighborhoods in Bucharest: Cotroceni. Having a walk from the subway towards work in this area is a pleasure.


Cappuccino, cold brew, latte, espresso, v60... we love them all! We have a passion for coffee and we like to enjoy it together in any form. Starting with a top professional espresso machine, we have every tool needed to make good coffee (some tools even twice).


Our top talented developers prefer Microsoft for back and Angular for front end development but are proficient in most modern technologies. Learn from the best and become one of them.
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